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Love Expert


Psychic M and Hoda from Good Morning America after a session!


 Our reader is in the top 100 Psychics of Houston


A Psychic Like No other


No questions left unanswered!

           Master Clairvoyant with her ability

           to tell your past, present, and future.




 Her vision will astound you with a immediate forecast into your future.



Allow her to illuminate your direction with the aid of a unique blend Spiritual, Clairvoyant Readings & Healings.




 This type of combination has helped our reader to help many of her clients to rebuild and re-establish control of their own destiny in Romance - Relationships - Marriage - Job - Money & More!



Miss M has traveled throughout Canada, Japan, Dubai and the European Continents to help others!

No Questions left unanswered!

~Lee helps in all matters of life~


Romance specialist!

 M is able to know the thoughts, Moods & passions of your lover!



Providing full insight of a Marriage, Relationship, Intimate friendship or unknown Soul mate or twin flame!

Healing & helping in all matters of the heart.

A full love reading Pin pointing the issues & solving them leaving ones mind content.


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"I feel we've lost that loving feeling, and I want it back!"


"I want our relationship to be the best, not just as good as it once was, but better than ever.


"I will do what it takes to restore the love in our marriage."


Reunite Love

Stop third party interference 

Stop breakup/divorce

Who is my Twin-Flame?"


Have i met the right one?


Is he/she cheating?


How does he/she feel about me?


Is this the right move?


Will he/she ever change?












M is a Spiritual Business Consultant


M uses her psychic abilities to help businesses develop marketing strategies in the boardroom or in the workplace.


 Lee helps businesses succeed in accomplishing their goals and objectives.

I am able to fix & get rid of..


    * Physical Pain including: Back Pain, Arthritis

    * ADD/ ADHD

    * Depression and Grief

    * Menopause Symptoms and Women’s Health Problems

    * Stress, Anxiety

    * Sleeping Disorders

    * Weight Gain or Loss

    * Stomach discomfort

    * Memory Disorders

    * Energy and Stamina

    * Sexual Issues

    * And more ....

Lee's approach starts with compassionate listening without judgement. Wise insights open the doors to acceptance. A broader perspective and understanding of the current life situation leads to a richer set of options to pursue.


Now we are at a different vantage point... the mind follows a different internal locus of thought guided by inner sources. Stabilizing in this new internal locus results in an immediate feeling of completeness and stillness. Clarity emerges from this stillness giving rise to courage to pursue a set of actions that become self-evident.



All areas of life are positively impacted leading to a new lifestyle based on a spiritual outlook that encompasses the present life and more.


  • You have been doing well in many areas of life. But you feel something significant is still missing



  • You have been dealing with many changes, and feel the need to get internal clarity and stability.



  • You know you need to make a significant change but don’t know where to start.



  • You feel spirituality is relevant but perhaps have not connected all the dots yet.



  • You have read many books on self-help, psychology and spirituality and know quite a bit. 



  • You have experienced improvements but somehow you have not been able to apply it to bring about real inner growth and transformation.



  • You need a wise, compassionate voice that will hear your particular predicament without judgement and point the way based on your unique strengths.




  • You are willing to muster the courage and make the leap, but could use some help to get to a solid place to leap from


Psychic of  Sugar Land Texas

Psychic of Missouri City

Psychic of Galveston

Psychic of Lake Jackson 

Psychic of Le Porte 

Psychic of  Rosenberg 

Psychic of Texas City 

Psychic of Friendswood 

Psychic of  Baytown 

Psychics of Conroe

Psychic of  Deerpark

Psychic of  Spring Texas

Psychic of Mission Bend 

Psychic of  Kingwood

Psychics of South Houston

Psychic of  Seabrook

Psychic of  Santa Fe

Psychic of Stafford

Psychic of  Tomball

Psychic of Cinco Ranch

Psychic of  Four Corners

Psychic of  Cloverleaf

Psychic of  Fresno

Psychic of Greatwood

Psychic of Pecan Grove 

Psychic of West University Place

Psychic of  Webster

Psychic of Dickinson 

Psychic of New Territory

Psychic of Bellaire

Psychic of Angleton 

Psychic of La marque

Psychic of  Humble 

Psychic of Atascocita

Psychic of  The Woodlands

Psychic of Richmond

Psychic of Jacinto City

Psychic of  Pearland Texas

Psychic of Pasadena Texas

Psychic of League City Texas

Psychic of Katy Texas 

Psychic of Houston Texas

Psychic of Dallas Texas

Psychic of Austin Texas

Psychic of  San Antonio Texas

Psychic of Corpus Christi T exas

Psychic of  Fort Worth Texas

Psychic of Mesquite Texas

Psychic of Fort Bend  County

Psychic of Brazoria County

Psychic of  Montgomery County

Psychics of Harris County 

Psychic of  Psychic of Lubbock Texas

Psychic of  Laredo Texas

Psychic of Brownsville Texas

Psychic of  McKinney Texas

Psychic of San Felipe

Psychic Roman Forest

Psychic of  Pine Island

Psychic of Woodloch

Psychic of Holiday Lakes

Psychic of  San Leon

Psychic of  River Oaks

Psychic of Hardin

Psychic of El Lago 

Psychics of Cumings

Psychic of Pleak 

Psychic of Bancroft lane

Psychic of Liberty 

Psychic of Manvel 

Psychics of  Katy Mills

Psychic of Prairie View

Psychic of  Plum Grove 

Psychic of  Pattison

Psychic of  Tiki Island

Psychic of  Bunker Hill Village

Psychic of  Westheimer

Psychic of Oak Ridge North

Psychic of  Aldine

Psychic of  Spring Branch

Psychic of Magnolia

Psychic of  Crosby

Psychic of  El Campo

Psychic Of Gainsville

Psychic of  Temple

Psychic of Round Rock

Psychic of  Odessa

Psychic of Waco

Psychic of  Tyler 

Psychic of Richardson

Psychic of  Killeen

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